Examination Quality Issues at the Open University of Tanzania

Zacharia, R. R.


The study focused on the Examination Quality Issues at The Open University of Tanzania (OUT). The study was guided by two objectives: to analyze examination quality issues emerging in a course of examination management at OUT and to explain how examination management could be improved at OUT. The study employed mainly the survey design where by data were collected using questionnaire and complemented by documents. The study results revealed that the Open University of Tanzania observes high quality in the managing the examinations and administration. The examination issues that were well managed were: security of examinations at all levels, controlling examination cheating in the examination rooms by controlling use of unauthorized materials, control use of cellular phones, marking of the students’ scripts and controlling the personnel behavior(prohibit use of alcoholic substance). The results further showed that only few cases need to be improved these are: environment for writing examination, improve the recording procedures and improve skills among lecturers on the test item writing.

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