Impact of Human Activities on Water Resources around Lake Victoria in Misungwi District, Tanzania


  • Alex William
  • Jumanne Daudi Kalwani


Population, Human Activities, Water resources, Polluting effects, Lake Victoria


Water is potential to the lives of the people and biodiversity. The objective of this study was to examine households’ awareness on the contribution of their human activities in lowering the quality of water resources around Lake Victoria in Misungwi  District,  Tanzania.  The  expansion  of  human  activities  due  to population increase  possibly led to  wetlands encroachment around the lake leading to contamination of water resources of Lake Victoria Basin. This study used qualitative approach to assess the impact of human activities on water resources using questionnaires to collect data from a random sample of 219 heads of households. Participant observation, FGDs and informants guided by checklists were employed in order to triangulate information obtained. The results showed that, human activities pressure exerted by population exodus from drought hit areas to wetlands around Lake Victoria in one way or the other affected the quality of water of the latter in the environment. Also, there was a direct relationship between education level,  human activities and awareness status of respondents and water resources polluting effects and the general environmental degradation of Lake Victoria in the study area. The study concluded  that;  there  was  a  great  correlation  between  increased  human activities propelled by population increase and low water quality in the environment  around  Lake  Victoria.  It  recommended  that;  collective  efforts guided by relevant policies should focus on building awareness on sustainable use  of  the  Lake  Victoria  water  resource  for  improvement  of  the  local environment and community. It should be coupled with participatory decision- making processes with stakeholders in designing feasible policies pro- sustainable environment in the area.

Author Biographies

Alex William

Tanzania Forest Agency,Geita Region, Tanzania

Jumanne Daudi Kalwani

Department of Geography, Open University of Tanzania