The Effects of Deforestation in Mlola Forest Reserves, Mafia District, Tanzania


  • Emmanuel Patroba Mhache


Charcoal, Deforestation, Firewood, Mlola Forest Reserve, Timber


This paper focused on the assessment of the effects of deforestation in Mlola Forest Reserve in Mafia District in Coast Region. It identified socio-economic activities conducted in Mlola Forest Reserve, examined effects of deforestation in Mlola Forest Reserve and measures taken against deforestation in the study area. Mlola Forest Reserve was used as a case study in the Cost Region. Data were collected using questionnaires and interviews from a sample size of 30 respondents composed of 47% males; and 53% females. Focus Group Discussions  and  field  visits  were  also  used  in  data  collection.  The  results revealed that socio-economic activities contributed highly to the deforestation of Mlola  Forest  Reserve.  Results  showed  that,  53%  of  the  respondents  were engaged in charcoal making and selling; while 30% and 17% depended on the forest for firewood and timber respectively. About 90% of the respondents revealed  that  deforestation  leads  to  climate  change  or  global  warming. Moreover, 83% and 70% of the respondents revealed that, deforestation leads to habitat fragmentation and increased soil erosion, respectively. The study concluded that human activities contributed highly to forest  destruction.   It recommended that, awareness rising on tree planting should be promoted, encouraged   alternative   energy   use,   adhere   to   land   use   planning   and Participatory Forest Management. Likewise, the policy and regulations should be enforced to reduce illegal deforestation activities.

Author Biography

Emmanuel Patroba Mhache

Department of Geography, The Open University of Tanzania