Accessible Tourism to People with Disabilities in Africa: A Review of the Existing Literature


  • Nasra Kara


Accessible Tourism, Tourism for people with disabilities, People with Disabilities, Africa Tourist Destinations


Although most of the African countries have laws and regulations that protect the rights of people with disabilities in every aspect of their lives, including leisure and tourism, people with disabilities still do not enjoy tourism attractions. The main objective of this study was to review the published articles in Google Scholar, EBSCOhost, and Science Directon African accessible tourism. The study specifically analyzed the extent to which the existing published studies have addressed accessibility in accommodation, transportation, destinations, accessible amenities/recreation as well as in information. Based on a content analysis of the analyzed academic articles from both supply and demand side, this study found out that most of the African countries were still not capable of accommodating travellers with disabilities. Limited facilities at the tourist sites, negative attitudes toward disabled people, limited assistive technologies, inaccessible transport facilities as well as the provision of inaccurate and out of date travel information were among the key factors limiting travellers with disabilities from taking leisure trips to African tourist destinations. The African governments have to start preparing the environment conducive for the suppliers to start providing services that will offer positive and memorable tourist experience to travellers with special needs.

Author Biography

Nasra Kara

The Open University of Tanzania