Challenges Affecting Street Vending Business in Tanzania: A Review and Analysis from the Existing Literature


  • Nasra Kara
  • Emmanuel M. Tonya


The street vending business is a crucial sector for the growth of the livelihood of most poor people in Tanzania. This study aimed at answering the question: “what have researchers done concerning factors affecting street vending business?” This study critically reviewed articles related to the street vending business in Tanzania. A total of 15 academic articles were generated from Google scholar and analyzed using content analysis. This study found out that the existing literature focused on five main themes, including challenges facing street vending business, skills & technology, social-cultural, law/regulation & policies, and urbanization. Although the existing literature has pointed out multiple challenges affecting street vendors, if street vendors were given business skills and support from the government, they would contribute significantly to economic growth. This study contributed to new knowledge by proposing various strategies on how to improve the street vending business. The proposed strategies include; establishing clear policy and guidelines for street business, a collaborative mechanism to manage the street vendors, and enhancing street vendors' training for their growth and sustainability.

Author Biographies

Nasra Kara

The Open University of Tanzania

Emmanuel M. Tonya

The Open University of Tanzania