Consumer Attitudes towards On-line Banking in Ghana


  • Talha Harcar
  • John E. Spillan
  • Obed King Domfeh


Online banking technology, Ghana, Consumer attitudes, Online banking adoption


Technological advancement has been revolutionizing the way companies conduct business in various industries around the world, particularly banking. The use of mobile phones and the internet has increased the trend towards online banking in both developed and developing countries.  The adoption of online banking by consumers in developing countries, though, has been slower than in developed countries.  Beginning with a review of the literature on the development and implementation of online banking in general and in developing countries in specific, this paper analyzed Ghana’s efforts to speed up the adoption and usage of online banking services in its banks and by its citizens. The findings revealed that security concerns and the challenges of carrying out individual transactions were problematic to the average customer. Customers reported that slow transaction times, internet accessibility, and even online banking operation difficulties were frustrating. The research findings were of significance to developers on online banking services with respect to planning and implementing online banking portals. The results also were beneficial for both practitioners and academics to give them a sense of the depth, direction, and acceptance of online banking in this developing country.

Author Biographies

Talha Harcar

Pennsylvania State University at Beaver

John E. Spillan

University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Obed King Domfeh

The Director, Nuistdok Consult