Effect of Marketing Mix on the Marketing Performance of Grapefruits in Tanzania


  • Seule Nzowa
  • France A. Shayo


Product, Price, Promotion, Place and Grapfruits


Using the model of the marketing mix, this study assessed the effect of the marketing mix elements on the marketing performance of grapefruits in Tanzania. It was conducted at Hombolo Ward in Dodoma as one of the major grape-producing areas. Using a structured questionnaire, a simple random sample of 142 respondents was taken from a sampling frame of 220 grapefruit growers in the ward.  Descriptive statistics and multiple linear regression analysis were used. Results indicated that price, product attributes, and place significantly affect the marketing performance of grapefruits. Promotion aspects on the other hand were found to have no significant effected. This indicated that the promotion was either inadequate or irrelevant, as evidenced by the lack of improved grapefruit marketing performance. This study recommended that an appropriate pricing strategy be implemented because it plays a significant role in grapefruit marketing performance. Since product attributes were found to strongly affect the marketing performance of grapefruits, it was recommended that producers should focus on improving product attributes such as quality and packaging. Finally, improvement of distribution infrastructure should be considered, since producers would be able to efficiently store, preserve, and deliver their products to the intended markets.

Author Biographies

Seule Nzowa

Institute of Rural Development Planning, Dodoma, Tanzania

France A. Shayo

The Open University of Tanzania, Tanzania