Challenges of Implementing World Health Organisation Measures on Covid-19 for People with Disabilities in Tanzania


  • Nasra Kara


COVID-19, People with Disabilities, Government Responses, Tanzania


Tanzania like other countries was also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the coronavirus outbreak, Tanzania decided to adopt health control measures from World Health Organisation. Even though the measures were taken, it was more challenging to disabled people. This study intended to examine the challenges that affected disabled people in implementing WHO health measures during the COVID-19 outbreak. The study used a desk review study whereby full-length articles published in academic journals between 2019 to date were reviewed. Data were generated from WHO reports, health reports from Tanzania, online coronavirus news via Google scholar using keywords such as "disabled people," "COVID-19", and "government responses." 48 articles were generated and analyzed using content analysis. The findings revealed that people with disabilities faced challenges in implementing WHO measures even though Tanzania has several laws and regulations to protect people with disabilities. The Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly, and Children in Tanzania needs to use an acceptable form of communication that is user-friendly to disabled people when announcing coronavirus news. Maintaining social distancing is challenging for disabled people. Most of them depend significantly on others, but investing in building health centers specifically for them would help them to socially distance themselves from the mainstream population. Although wearing of face mask is crucial, but transparent face mask is the way to go as this would help those with hearing issues to interpret the lips movement. Health workers need to be trained on how to communicate with disabled people properly. Special lines need to be introduced in every public hospital to assist them in handling emergencies for disabled persons.

Author Biography

Nasra Kara

The Open University of Tanzania