Relationships Among Employees’ Job Attitudes of Perceived Supervisory Support, Job Involvement, and Organisational Commitment


  • Proches Ngatuni


Organisational commitment has been shown to influence various work outcomes like job performance and turnover intention. Thus, understanding its antecedents has been an essential preoccupation of many researchers. However, research linking organisational commitment to the other job attitude variables has been scant, especially in frontier markets like Tanzania. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationships among job attitudes of  perceived supervisory support, job involvement and organisational commitment of employees in Tanzania. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data from a sample of 190 employees. Descriptive statistics, correlation, and multiple regression analysis were used to establish the relationships while the Hayes’ Process Tool was used to test for the mediation effect.  The results indicated that both job involvement and perceived supervisory support significantly positively affect organisational commitment  and that perceived supervisory support was the most influential predictor. Job involvement significantly but partially mediated the relationship between perceived supervisory support and organisational commitment. The findings call for organisational managers to design and implement measures aimed at enhancing supervisors’ supervising and supporting capacity in order to build the committed workforce required for the attainment of the organisation’s vision and mission.Keywords: job involvement, organisational commitment, perceived supervisory support, mediation

Author Biography

Proches Ngatuni

Faculty of Business Management, The Open University of Tanzania