The Dimensionality of Entrepreneurial Orientation in the Hospitality Industry


  • Msafiri Njoroge Ngajeni


: Dimensionality, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Hospitality Industry, Tanzania


A lot of debates exist on the dimensionality of firms' entrepreneurial orientation in various industries. Understanding the dimensionality of entrepreneurial orientation and the relationships among its dimensions in the hospitality industry is important both theoretically and practically. This study bridges the theoretical gap by examining the dimensionality of entrepreneurial orientation in the industry. The study is based on a survey of hotels (n=346) in the Coastal and Northern tourist circuits of Tanzania. In the hospitality context, this study adds to the research that hotels' EO is multidimensional in nature exhibiting low-to-moderate correlations with each other  and  with  an  acceptable  level  of  discriminant  validity.  This  finding  enriches  other hospitality studies that consider entrepreneurial orientation as a unidimensional concept. The study also presents vital practical implications.

Author Biography

Msafiri Njoroge Ngajeni

The Open University of Tanzania