The Influence of Training Participation on Employee Performance and Employee Intention to Leave Manufacturing Firms in sub-Saharan Africa: A study of Ghana


  • James B. Abugre
  • Alex Anlesinya


Training participation, Employee performance, Intention to Leave, valence- instrumentality, Sub-Saharan Africa.


The purpose of this paper is to investigate how training participation influences both employee performance and employee intention to turnover in manufacturing firms in sub- Saharan Africa (SSA). Using a cross-sectional survey of a multinational manufacturing firm in Ghana through structural equation modelling and regression analysis, we tested two asymmetrical hypotheses of employee training participation leading to outcomes of employee performance and employee intention to turnover. Findings showed that employee performance is positively related to training participation in the manufacturing sector. Also, the findings demonstrated that training participation in the manufacturing sector is positively related to employee intention to leave their firms. These findings explain the effect of valence and human motivation to the needs of training participation and outcome. An investigation of training participation and employee performance with intention to leave or turnover are rarely asse ssed at  the  same  time;  specifically,  training participation  in  manufacturing  firms in  SSA.  Thus, manufacturing firms must be aware that different motivation and expectations of training participation are hunted for by employees as they are engaged in training organized by their respective firms.

Author Biographies

James B. Abugre

University of Ghana Business School

Alex Anlesinya

University of Ghana Business School