Information and Communication Technology towards Improving Teaching and Learning Process in Selected Hai District Secondary Schools


  • Pendamani Wisdom Tumaini
  • Flora Kiwonde



ICT, Improved Teaching and Learning Process, Pedagogical Skills


The purpose of this study was to investigate the usage of ICT towards improving  the  teaching  and  learning  process  in  selected  secondary schools in Hai District. The study established the extent to which teachers and students are endowed with skills in ICT use in enhancing teaching and learning process. Descriptive survey research design was employed in the study applying primary data drawn from a sample of 128 respondents. The findings revealed that majority of teachers have basic ICT skills or training in ICT, although the ICT knowledge is not necessarily linked to teaching and learning process. Moreover, majority of sampled teachers were confident in word processing, although not confident in other aspects such as creating and designing presentations that could have assisted in improving the teaching and learning process. Although majority of school heads had enough working experience, most of them had not attended in-service training in ICT. On the other hand, most students have demonstrated little experience on the use of computers and other ICT facilities. Furthermore, the findings revealed that majority of the respondents particularly students had little access to computers. The study recommends action from the education authorities to consider providing more pedagogical training to teachers in the area of ICT skills. It is envisaged that the integration of ICT will improve the teaching and learning process in schools. The study also recommends for the action from the education authorities to invest in providing and maintaining maximum and appropriate ICT facilities in schools to enable sustainable use of ICT in the teaching and learning process.

Author Biographies

Pendamani Wisdom Tumaini

The Open University of Tanzania

Flora Kiwonde

The Open University of Tanzania