Utilisation of E-Government Services during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Exploring Efforts by the Government of Tanzania


  • Catherine G. Mkude


e-government, Covid-19, Tanzania, Public Administration


This article attempts to examine the Tanzanian Government’s utilisation of e-government services during the Covid-19 pandemic. The methodological approach of the article is online content review due to the phenomenological nature of the unfolding pandemic. The review is based on the researcher’s observations and analysis of the e-government platforms leveraged in Covid-19 pandemic. The results indicate that e-government has been embraced significantly through the efforts done by the government to make citizens more informed about the pandemic and to promote use of e-services. E-government is presented as among the key tools for managing the spread of the pandemic. The article also paints government digital transformation as a huge opportunity provided by e-government during the pandemic and beyond. The article contributes to literature by presenting the significance of e-government to developing countries during crises including: government-wide online presence, quality information provision, G2C and G2G e-services, online engagement and social media presence. The review shows that collaboration and coordination among government entities are strategic techniques for an integrated and efficient digital government. Rightly so, the policy makers are recommended to strengthen inter-governmental collaboration and coordination in planning, developing, implementing and maintaining e-government services.

Author Biography

Catherine G. Mkude

The Open University of Tanzania