A Review and Future Directions of Brand Experience Research in Tourism


  • Juma Matonya


Brand experience, tourism, content analysis, systematic literature review


This paper presents a review of brand experience studies in tourism using a systematic literature review while utilizing a total of 44 articles that were published in 30 journals. Four databases were used to search for the articles including Taylor and Francis, Google Scholar, Emerald, and Science Direct. The objectives of this review were to discuss the extant state of brand experience literature in the tourism industry, summarize the antecedents, mediators, moderators, and outcomes of brand experience and identify the gaps in the current studies and suggest the areas of future research. The results indicate that the quantitative research approach, convenience sampling technique, cross-sectional survey strategy, and structural equation modeling have dominated brand experience research. Various theories used, contexts, methodologies, antecedents, mediators, moderators, and outcomes of brand experience are also discussed in the paper. It is concluded that brand experience influences the majority of customer-related and brand-related constructs. Thus, it is recommended that tourist agencies, destination practitioners, and other tourism stakeholders should invest in generating pleasurable experiences at every touch point of their service to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Author Biography

Juma Matonya

The Open University of Tanzania