Effectiveness of Offline Video-Based Biology Instructional Materials on Students’ Performance in Secondary Schools


  • Kassimu A. Nihuka
  • Fides P. Matemu


Offline video-based instructional material, Biology, School, Teaching and Learning


This study investigated the effectiveness of offline video-based instructional materials in enhancing students’ academic performance in biology lessons in selected secondary schools in Dar es Salaam. The study used holistic multiple case study and quasi-experimental research designs to collect both qualitative and quantitative data using structured questionnaires, interviews and tests. A total of 2 teachers from school A and school B (i.e. one from each school) and 168 students (i.e. 84 from each school) were purposively selected to participate in the study. Analysis by SPSS and data reduction techniques have revealed that offline video-based instructional materials are effective in enhancing students’ academic performance in biology in the experimental groups from both schools (P=0.0001) and made students quite positive about learning biology (89.3%) - 97.6%,). As perceived by students, the enhanced academic performance is the result of improved classroom interactions due to the materials. Specifically, the use of offline video-based instructional materials improved interactions between students and biology teachers, amongst students through group activities and between students and the learning resources. Furthermore, the materials enhanced students’ interest in biology (94.0%), and understanding of concepts (92.9%) and made them retain more biology concepts (94.1%). Based on the findings, appropriate recommendations for policy, action and future research are suggested. 

Author Biographies

Kassimu A. Nihuka

St. Joseph University in Tanzania

Fides P. Matemu

Benjamini William Mkapa Secondary School, Dar es Salaam