Local Community Perceptions on Causes of Climate Change in Dry Areas of Rombo District, Tanzania


  • Evarist Fundisha


Climate change, community perceptions, drought area


The study assessed community perceptions on the causes of climate change in the drought area of Rombo District in Tanzania. Corroboration of the research findings were made by employing different methods of gathering data including questionnaires, focus group discussions and interviews. While quantitative data were analysed by statistical package for social science software to generate descriptive statistics, qualitative data were analysed thematically. Data were mainly presented by using tables, figures and the participants’ narrations or voices. Results indicated varied perceptions on the causes of climate change that are shaped by levels of education, age, sex, marital status and possession of communication facilities. Despite the varied perceptions on the causes of climate change, the anthropogenic factors were frequently mentioned by the study participants. Thus, the study recommends on creating awareness among members of the studied community through education on the actual causes of climate change for effective intervention measures.

Author Biography

Evarist Fundisha

Department of Geography and Economics, Mkwawa University College of Education