Fee-free Basic Education Policy Implementation in Tanzania: A ‘Phenomenon’ Worth Rethinking


  • Richard Shukia


Fee-free education policy, basic education, policy implementation and Tanzania


This paper is based on a study that employed qualitative research methods to examine the implementation of the fee-free basic education policy in Tanzania. The study reveals that, the policy is misapprehended, and causing confusion and dissonance among key implementers including heads of schools and parents, and it is threatening the quality delivery of education. However, there is no doubt that the implementation of the fee-free education policy has significantly promoted access to basic education for children from various socio-economic backgrounds. Thus, this paper argues that the implementation of the fee-free basic education policy, albeit commendable, it is not a panacea to achieving equitable access and quality education delivery for all. Hence, the policy and its implementation is a ‘phenomenon’ worth rethinking for Tanzania to realise equitable and quality universal basic education.

Author Biography

Richard Shukia

University of Dar es Salaam, School of Education