Factoring the Trust in the Regulatory Relationships: A Reflection from Tanzania’s Mining Sector


  • Furaha Julius


Trust, regulation, trustworthy, distrust regulation, trust demonstration


This paper argues on the complementarities between regulatory structures and relationships which stems upon the reciprocated trust between the mining regulators and operators. One key question addressed by this paper is how can trust relationships better complement the regulatory structures towards improving the natural resource governance for socio-economic development and transformation?  Drawing mainly on the case of Tanzania, the paper indicates the trust gaps and offers some perspectives on the role of trust in the regulation of mining activities in a resource-rich lower-middle-income economy. The paper looks at both the cause and effects of trust relationships within a regulatory system in the mining sector of Tanzania and sheds light on the practical challenges and opportunities of building the trust. In the light of the increasing allure of collaborative regulation, the paper also takes a brief navigation into the manner in which trust relationships are established or destroyed by various regulatory stakeholders. Conclusions are drawn by underlining the importance of trust relationships for effective regulation in less developed resource-endowed countries like Tanzania

Author Biography

Furaha Julius

The Open University of Tanzania