Examination of Pedagogical Practices of Secondary School Physical Education Teachers in Tanzania


  • John Siayi
  • Steven Mabagala
  • Ismail Nathanael Pangani




Pedagogical practices, Physical Education, Teaching, teaching approach, Teaching method, Lesson assessment and Classroom environment


The study on which this paper is based examined the pedagogical practices of secondary school teachers in teaching Physical Education (PE) in Tanzania. The data from two experienced PE teachers were collected through interview, lesson observation and documentary review and they were analyzed thematically. Findings indicated that PE teachers predominantly use teacher-centred teaching approaches and lecture teaching methods. This teaching approach and methods as used in teaching PE classes did not involve learners and they thus limited students’ mastery and denied them the opportunity to practice the intended skills during and after the lesson. Inadequate facilities and equipment for teaching PE also affected teachers’ pedagogical practices. It was concluded that the teacher-centred teaching approach dominated in most of the observed PE classes. It is recommended that PE teachers be advised to abide by the requirements of the syllabus. They should be given in-service training on how to apply learner centred teaching approach and to use their local environment to improve their pedagogical practices.

Author Biographies

John Siayi

University of Dar es Salaam

Steven Mabagala

University of Dar es Salaam

Ismail Nathanael Pangani

University of Dar es Salaam