Overview of TVET Institutional Capacity in Addressing Dynamic Labour Market: The Case of Tanzania and Selected Two Asian Tiger Nations


  • Hildegardis E. Bitegera
  • Elifas T. Bisanda


Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Dynamic Labour Market, Curricula and Learning Packages (LPs), Teaching and Learning infrastructure, Industries


In most developed countries, technical and vocational education and training (TVET) system has been considered to be among the key players for industrial growth through production of competent and skilled labour forces.  However, TVET system in Tanzania has not been able to produce graduates who meet satisfactorily the skill demand of industries. The study examined the TVET institutional' capacity in addressing dynamic labour market. The study used a combination of instruments including questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, and observations to collect data from Tanzania and two Asian Tiger Nations, Singapore and the Republic of Korea. A total of 219 respondents were selected using simple random, stratified, and purposive sampling techniques. In summary, the study found that while conditions are very friendly in the two Asian Tiger Nations, Tanzania's TVET system is facing the short- supply of technically skilled workforce. The study has revealed further that among other factors influencing the effectiveness of TVET system in Tanzania are inadequate and poor teaching and learning infrastructure; outdated TVET curricula, teaching staff who not only lack practical experience but also lack the ability to interpret and apply labour market data and information. In ensuring that TVET system optimally contributes to economic development in Tanzania, lessons to be learnt from the two Asian Tiger Nations include establishing and strengthening strong partnerships among TVET institutions and industries and continuously monitoring of the relevance of TVET learning packages and curricula in line with current needs of industries.

Author Biographies

Hildegardis E. Bitegera

The Open University of Tanzania

Elifas T. Bisanda

The Open University of Tanzania