A Quest for Quality Examination Management and Processes in African Higher Education: The case of the Open University of Tanzania (OUT)


  • Evaristo Andreas Mtitu


Open University of Tanzania, examination management, African Higher Education, Quality


Using the Open University of Tanzania (OUT) as the case study, this paper focuses on how examination management and processes could contribute to a quality higher education in Tanzania. The paper is based on critical review of relevant literature including OUT examinations operational documents to examine examination management processes, highlight the challenges which hinder the attainment of quality, and suggests ways towards quality examination management and processes by focussing on examination aspects of: standard (setting, content, and steps), objectives (course objectives, education aims and individual), management and utility (how useful is the examination). This paper draws on the quality service model by Gronroos (1990) as its theoretical lens in which quality of service delivery is said to be a function of customer service satisfaction.  It has been seen that the quality of examination may be affected by a number of factors including; unclear directions and inadequate consideration of Bloom’s taxonomy. The paper argues that the management of examinations and its processes, including the assessment of students in Tanzanian higher education institutions is problematic and that aspects of standard, objectives, management and utility of examinations need improving to contribute to quality higher education in Tanzania.

Author Biography

Evaristo Andreas Mtitu

Open University of Tanzania (OUT)