Assessing the Availability and Utilisation of Educational Resources in Public Secondary Schools in Singida Municipality, Tanzania


  • John Shumbi
  • Karoli John Mrema


Availability, educational resources, physical resources, public schools, and utilisation


This study investigated the availability and utilisation of educational resources in public secondary schools in Singida municipality. The descriptive survey research design was used for the study. The study involved 336 students who were randomly selected and 42 teachers who were purposively chosen from public secondary schools. The instruments used for the study were questionnaires, interview checklists, observations, and document reviews. The study found that some educational resources like computers, projectors, and bulletin boards were unavailable in most of the secondary schools visited. Also, the study findings indicated that educational resources were inadequate. Furthermore, the study findings revealed that the utilisation of educational resources is at a low level. The study concludes that some educational resources were not available in public secondary schools, and the available resources were not adequate and were not being utilised perfectly. Among others, the study recommends that the government should ensure access to educational resources in schools, capitation grants provided per student should be raised, and ensure effective utilisation of the available resources.

Author Biographies

John Shumbi

The Open University of Tanzania

Karoli John Mrema

The Open University of Tanzania