Assessment of Teachers’ Perception on Community Participation in Financing the Development of Primary Schools in Kogi West Senatorial District, Nigeria


  • Onweazu Olufemi Okoji
  • Abiodun Olufemi Olawuni
  • Francisca Ozoagu3 Ozoagu


Community, educational development, involvement, participation and support


The study examined teachers’ perception on community participation in financing the development of primary schools in Kogi West Senatorial District, Nigeria. Through simple random sampling technique, 400 teachers were selected. A self-structured questionnaire on the influence of community participation in school management on the development of primary schools in Kogi west senatorial district’ (QICPSMDPS r= 0.86) was designed to generate information from the participants. The accuracy of the instrument was determined by measurement and evaluation experts. Pilot study was conducted in some selected primary schools in Kogi North Senatorial District. The data collected were analyzed with Pearson Moment Correlation Coefficient and value obtained was 0.86. The findings show that teachers’ perception of school financing has no influence on primary school development based on school type and gender. It was recommended that parent association should always have periodic meeting with primary schools on matters affecting the schools and provide financial assistance towards the development of primary schools

Author Biographies

Onweazu Olufemi Okoji

University of Ilorin Nigeria

Abiodun Olufemi Olawuni

University of Ilorin Nigeria

Francisca Ozoagu3 Ozoagu

University of Ilorin Nigeria