The Choice of Subject Combinations among Students in Secondary Schools and the Quest of Future Careers among Graduates in Tanzania


  • Noel Julius Ntawigaya


Aspirations, career choices, choice of subjects, graduates, subject combinations


It is common for many employees, especially for the most recent young graduates in Tanzania, to complain that they have entered professions which are not of their interest. This incongruity has been due to lack of knowledge on the right choice of subjects against their future career/aspirations. It is from this reason, the current study examined factors influencing students’ choices of subjects in Tanzanian secondary schools. This study adopted mixed-methods research approach, with a cross-sectional design. It involved 165 respondents – 5 heads of schools, 25 teachers and 135 students from 5 selected secondary schools. The study employed questionnaires and interviews to collect data. The findings revealed that 60% of students were not aware of the subject combinations to study. Alongside, 60% of students were not comfortable on the subject combinations they were studying. Also, 68% of reported that their parents were not involved in a discussion with their children on the subject choice and future careers. It was further revealed that, teachers rarely influenced students’ choices of subjects. It was therefore recommended that, there should be an orientation to students on the choices of subjects in relation to future careers when they enter secondary schools. This should go along with parents’ encouragement to their children dreams.