Transforming Biology Assessment through Written Feedback in Tanzania Secondary Education: Insights from Action Research


  • Devotha Wilfredi
  • Nicholas Wachira



Action research, assessment, reflection, written feedback


This study examined the impact of written feedback in Biology assessment in secondary schools, focusing on both student and teacher perspectives. Using action research with 80 students and their teacher, the study spans four months across three reflective cycles. Central findings reveal that descriptive, non-evaluative feedback empowers students. Feedback clarifies misunderstandings, offers specific improvement guidance, and makes "next steps" manageable. Further, descriptive feedback exposes students to broader problem-solving strategies. The study also shows that written feedback transcends mere evaluation. It becomes a reflective dialogue, with students actively using feedback to improve, and teachers acting as facilitators, guiding students towards better learning outcomes. Consequently, assessment shifts from simply judging to a transformative partnership. Both students and teachers contribute actively, aligning assessment with the ultimate goal of enhanced learning.

Author Biographies

Devotha Wilfredi

Butimba Teacher's College1

Nicholas Wachira

Aga Khan University