Integrating Learning Management System and Digital Library for Students’ Assessment


  • Renatus Makolo
  • Fredrick Ishengoma
  • Deo Shao



Retention of talented skills, learning management systems (LMS), ICT skills, and digital library


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has recently advanced in education sector where teachers and other educational stakeholders use learning management system (LMS) to improve students learning. Tanzania in the meantime, has implementing multiple initiatives aimed at enhancing ICT integration in education. The initiatives includes connection of National ICT broadband backbone, implementing various ICT projects such as Tanzania Education and Research Network (TERNET) and the use LMS and digital library (DL) through Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE). Apart from the government initiatives, a critical gap exists in the knowledge and proficiency of both tutors and students in utilizing LMS and DL skills to enhance creativity. This study seeks to address this issue by exploring the integration of LMS and DL to preserve the talents and skills of educators and students. The research utilized a mixed-method approach that involved questionnaires and interviews from tutors. Data were analyzed both inferentially and descriptively. The study found that 33% of tutors were competent to ICT skills related to LMS and DLs. Furthermore, the study proposed a digital library system (DiLaS) prototype as a blueprint for integrating LMS and DLs to support students in learning and assessment. The paper recommends that the government should draw policy strategies that support innovation in digital systems to preserve exceptional skills.  

Author Biographies

Renatus Makolo

University of Dodoma, Tanzania

Fredrick Ishengoma

University of Dodoma, Tanzania

Deo Shao

University of Dodoma, Tanzania