Challenges of E-learning in Open and Distance Learning (ODL): The Case of the Open University of Tanzania


  • Sura S. Ngenzi


 E- Learning is relatively a new field in education in Tanzania as well as for the majority of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The potentials of the use of e-learning can’t be underestimated. This paper investigates the challenges of e- learning integration in education at The Open University of Tanzania. The study identified the challenges to ICT integration at OUT as: inadequacy of infrastructural facilities for both academic staff and students’; ICT know how and mind set of staff and students. The study used questionnaire as the main data collection technique whereas focus group discussion supplements the data obtained from the questionnaires. The study concludes that despite some progress made in the area; much is still desired for the effective implementation of e-learning at The Open University of Tanzania. The study recommends that efforts have to be made by the institution in capacity building for lecturers, support staff such as computer technicians and students along with improvement of infrastructure to support e-learning.  

Author Biography

Sura S. Ngenzi

The Open University of Tanzania, Dept of Curriculum and Instruction   


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