Assessing Students’ Awareness of the Blended Learning: A case Study of Open University of Tanzania


  • Ally, H. N.
  • Mwankusye, R. M.


Distance learning, Blended Mode of Learning, Online learning, Face to face instruction.


This paper presents the findings of the study that assessed students’ awareness of the Blended Mode of Learning (BML) in ODL context, Open University of Tanzania (OUT) as a case study. Specifically the study assessed the level of students’ awareness on BML, examined the usefulness of BML to OUT students and lastly identified challenges facing students in learning through BML. The study was mainly qualitative by nature. The study also employed a phenomenology research design. Data were collected through both telephone and face-to-face interviews. Population of this study involved all postgraduate students from Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences who pursue their studies through BML. Moreover, the study employed a sample of forty (40) continuing postgraduate students. The named sample was collected through convenience and snowball techniques of sampling. In this study, data were analyzed qualitatively by forming themes and sub-themes. The study findings revealed that most of students are not well informed of the concept BML apart from the fact that it is the mode of learning they use in their studies. However, students seem to be well informed of MOODLE as an on-line learning platform of the BML. Students credited positively the usefulness of BML as compared to other learning modes used by OUT. The findings further indicated BML meets students’ learning expectations. Moreover, findings revealed a number of challenges impeding the effective use of BML. Finally, the paper concludes that BML is useful as an instructional and learning mode in ODL context.

Author Biographies

Ally, H. N.

Open University of Tanzania

Mwankusye, R. M.

Open University of Tanzania