Challenges of ICT Integration among Distance Learners at the Open University of Tanzania: A case of Tanga Regional Centre


  • Reginard, Z. R.
  • Singano, R. R.


ICT integration, Open University of Tanzania, Barriers, I pad, CD ROM.


The study focused on the challenges of ICT integration among distance learners at the Open University of Tanzania: a case of Tanga regional centre. Two objectives guided the study: to determine barriers facing distance learners as they integrate ICT in their learning and establish effects of weak ICT integration in students' learning at OUT. The study was guided by qualitative research design. The study used 37 respondents. The findings reflected that  lack of and inadequate skills and knowledge on using ICT, problem of power in rural places, high cost of internet services, negative belief that ICT device are luxurious items and the weak financial position to purchase the ICT devices like I Pad were identified as barriers in ICT integrations among the OUT students at OUT. The findings further showed that poor grades in examinations, shortage of the relevant study sources and the isolation were the effects of low ICT integration among these students at OUT. Recommendations to improve the ICT integration at OUT are attached.

Author Biographies

Reginard, Z. R.

The Open University of Tanzania

Singano, R. R.

The Open University of Tanzania