Issues on the Examination Grading System of the Open University of Tanzania Undergraduate Students’ Academic Programmes


  • Lema, I. V.


Assigning grades to students’ academic performance is a significant part of learning. This article highlights some of the issues in the Examination Regulations of the Open University of Tanzania (OUT). The main objective of the article is to stir up OUT stakeholders’ critical outlook at issues raised. The main issues raised are the lack of grading Student Progress Portfolio (SPP); the un-proportional weight given to the Annual Examination relative to Main Tests; the rationale of having 40% as a pass mark for a course in a degree programme; the classification of Failure; the big range of Grade “A” relative to the other grades; and the question of only giving “C” to re-sitters and repeaters regardless of their performance in respective courses. Several recommendations have been advanced in regard to the above issues.

Author Biography

Lema, I. V.

The Open University of Tanzania