Lesson Preparation Experience on Learner-Centred Education among College Tutors in Tanzania


  • Nzilano, J. L.




Learner-centred teaching, lesson preparation, college tutors, social studies, teacher education, Tanzania.


This study explored the practice and perceptions of social studies’ tutors in preparing lessons based on learner-centred teaching approach in teacher education colleges in Tanzania. It used a qualitative case study design. Four data collection methods including focus group discussion, semi-structured interviews, documentation, and reflective journals were used. Eleven tutors in social studies and college leaders were purposively selected from Government teachers’ education colleges to volunteer in the study. Critical discourse framework blended with electronic software was used to analyze data. The results revealed partial knowledge of tutors in learner-centred teaching that influenced their pedagogical and professional competences in teaching preparations. For example, tutors showed partial competences in dealing with large classes, negotiating cultural aspects, teaching in dual instructional language education system, and setting assessment for students’ learning. The study recommends for collective efforts among educational stakeholders to enhance the efficacy of college leadership, continuous professional development, instructional language policy, and teaching materials to implement new approaches for quality teaching and products. Further, the study recommends the need for a similar study that could investigate tutor’s practices on learner-centred teaching in classroom context.

Author Biography

Nzilano, J. L.

Dar Es Salaam University College of Education