Efficacy of Tutoring Modes in enhancing the Development of Study Skills among Students at The Open University of Tanzania


  • Janeth O. Jonas
  • Michael W. Ng’umbi


: Open and Distance Learning, Study skills, Student Support Services, Tutoring, Tutoring Modes


Studying in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) setting is challenging as students tend to encounter a number of challenges, as a result of the nature of the environment in which teaching and learning is set-up. However, literature reveals that provision of healthy tutoring support which enhances the development of study skills tends to address most of the encountered challenges. This is because when students in educational setting, ODL in particular, are adequately equipped with study skills, they become self-directed, independent and autonomous; the aspects which are essential for successful learning in ODL context. This study, therefore, sought to explore the efficacy of tutoring support provided via different tutoring modes, in enhancing the development of essential study skills among students at the Open University of Tanzania. The study employed survey research design to gather data from 270 undergraduate students from eight regional centres through a closed-up questionnaire. Composite and correlation analyses were employed to analyse data. The findings revealed that the available tutoring modes had limited ability to enhance the development of essential study skills among students. This observation came as a result of low mean scores that most of the items rated; indicating students’ disagreement to have been assisted to acquire essential study skills. The study recommended that serious measures need to be realised at OUT, in order to ensure that the available tutoring modes meet their goal by equipping students with essential study skills for successful learning.

Author Biographies

Janeth O. Jonas

The Open University of Tanzania

Michael W. Ng’umbi

Institute of Adult Education