Knowledge and Attitude of Teachers Regarding Sexuality Education in Public Secondary Schools: The Case of Muleba District


  • Elias Mseti
  • Abdon Daudi


Sexuality education, Knowledge, Attitudes


With increase of health-related risk behavior among adolescence (students), a comprehensive sexual health education in schools has remained a solution to reduce these cases and challenges among youth. However, effectiveness of sexuality education in schools depends more on attitude and knowledge of teachers who impart knowledge and experience to students. With regard to that, this study aimed at assessing knowledge and attitude of teachers regarding sexuality education in public secondary schools. Muleba District was used as a study area. A cross-sectional design was used to guide a researcher in collecting data from 158 teachers using a close-ended questionnaire. The study findings showed positive attitude among teachers regarding key issues on sexuality education such as willingness to teach sexuality education. However, local cultural norms and beliefs distract their intention of teaching students about their sexuality and lack of formal training on sexuality matters increases teachers` anxiety and lower their confidence in handling various topics concerning sexuality education. This study recommends that short trainings on sexuality matters should be provided to teachers to increase their skills and confidence; and harmful cultural norms in local areas should be discouraged to ensure effectiveness of sexuality education in schools

Author Biographies

Elias Mseti

The Open University of Tanzania

Abdon Daudi

Mzumbe University