Examiners’ Feedback Reports and their Effects on Mathematics Performance in Tanzanian Secondary Schools


  • Geofrey Shahanga
  • Momole Kasambala




Mathematics Performance, CIRA, CSEE, NECTA, Feedback Theory.


The National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) issues Candidates Items Response Analysis reports (CIRA) as feedback reports for improving performance in secondary schools. Despite such initiative, the performance is in critical condition. Therefore, this paper presented in the NECTA 50th years’ anniversary conference which had the theme about ‘Assessment bodies as stirrers for effective learning’, evaluated such reports.  Specifically, the study explored students’ awareness of candidates’ items response analysis reports; examined the perceived usefulness of candidates’ items responses analysis reports; evaluated the availability of candidates’ items analysis reports, assessed students access of candidates’ items response analysis reports and evaluated the influence of candidates’ items responses analysis reports on mathematics performance in secondary schools. The study adopted a sequential exploratory mixed methods design, multiple regression model and feedback intervention theory. Data were collected through semi-structured questionnaires and interview from students and teachers in secondary schools. The study found that, most of the students in secondary schools are not aware of examiners’ feedback reports issued by the National Examination Council of Tanzania, hence do not make use of them, as the results they influence little on mathematics performance. Therefore, the study concludes that, there is a dire need for enforcing the effective utilization of such reports for improving performance. The study recommends therefore, teachers’ professional training institutions, T.I.E and ADEM to incorporate the use of feedback reports in their training packages.  Further study may develop intervention programme on effectiveness use of feedback reports for improving performance in secondary schools. 

Author Biographies

Geofrey Shahanga

Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (T.I.A)

Momole Kasambala

Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (T.I.A)