User Perceptions of Library Service Quality in Private Universities in Tanzania: A Case of University of Iringa


  • Cornelius Simba


Library Assessment, LibQUAL TM, Library Services, User Perception of Library Services, and User expectation, University of Iringa, Tanzania


The study was based on the premise that the culture of library assessment from the users’ perspective is of vital importance to determine what users’ needs are and whether these needs are being met. Consequently, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the existing library services and using the assessment results to improve service delivery. The study examined the quality of library services at the University of Iringa Library from the users’ perspective. The users’ expectations and perceptions of service quality were investigated to determine the extent to which the library met users’ expectations. A sample of 294 undergraduate students, 31 postgraduate students, and 50 academic staff were surveyed. The adapted LibQUAL+TM questionnaire was self-administered to respondents. A total of 213 (72.4%) undergraduate students, 20 (64.5%) postgraduate students, and 31 (68%) academic staff responded. The descriptive statistics was used for analysis. The insights gained from this study indicate that there was a gap between user’s expectations and perceptions of service quality. The magnitude of the gap varied depending on individual services.

Author Biography

Cornelius Simba

University of Iringa