The Role of School Library Resource Centres in Resource-Based Learning: A Case of Iringa and Njombe Regions of Tanzania


  • Cornelius Simba


Curriculum Support, Information Literacy, Learner-centred Learning, Resource-based Learning, Role of School Libraries, School Library Resource Centres, Tanzania.


The school library system is the most valuable facility of the school and an integral part of the educational process and a tool for teaching and learning. This study explored the role of secondary school library resource centres in resource-based learning in Iringa and Njombe regions of Tanzania. The study used a cross-sectional descriptive survey design. The study involved a sample of 148 heads of secondary schools and 36 school librarians. The types of secondary schools studied included public and private owned schools. The data were collected using questionnaires.  This study found that the secondary school library resource centres were vital tools for teaching in the resource-based learning. Librarians cooperatively work with teachers to facilitate resource-based learning. They are also critical for provision of professional expertise to enable teachers and learners to effectively use the resources and services to foster critical thinking and lifelong learning, a prerequisite for resource-based learning.

Author Biography

Cornelius Simba

University of Iringa