Implementation of Learner-Centred Teaching and Learning Approaches in Advanced Mathematics in Secondary Schools in Tanzania: Achievements and Challenges


  • Mavumba, Zuberi Hussein
  • Evaristo Andreas Mtitu
  • Mary Ogondiek


Learner-centred teaching and learning approaches, advanced mathematics


This study investigated the implementation of Learner-Centred Teaching and Learning Approaches (LCTLAs) in advanced mathematics at Jangwani secondary school in Ilala Municipality, Dar es Salaam. The study used a qualitative approach using in-depth interviews, Focus Group Discussions, classroom observations and review of relevant documents to collect data. The study employed a total of 32 participants including 30 students studying advanced mathematics and two (2) advanced mathematics teachers. Data were analyzed using thematic content and descriptive analysis techniques. Results revealed that students were not made aware by their teachers regarding LCTLAs different from teachers who had adequate awareness of LCTLAs. Teachers believed LCTLAs to improve students’ academic performance in advanced mathematics subject. However, teachers had rigidity to change from being transmitors of knowledge to thirsting students to facilitators indicating acquisition of less experience of applying it in their daily classroom teaching and learning. Further, the study revealed challenges impeding effective implementation of LCTLAs in teaching and learning advanced mathematics. The common challenges that were revealed included lack of relevant teaching and learning resources, overloaded advanced mathematics syllabus, learners’ inability to pursue advanced mathematics subject, limited time allocated to classroom teaching lessons, lack of teachers’ in-service training and poor cooperation among students themselves. The study then recommended that the implementation of LCTLAs in teaching and learning advanced mathematics is very crucial in enhancing students’ performance and achievements. Therefore, the study calls for all education stakeholders to advocate for proper implementation of LCTLAs in Mathematics subject by reducing the challenges impeding their effective implementation in secondary schools.

Author Biographies

Mavumba, Zuberi Hussein

The Open University of Tanzania(Doctoral Student)

Evaristo Andreas Mtitu

The Open University of Tanzania

Mary Ogondiek

The Open University of Tanzania